Giving Back 2016-17

Giving back - donating 10% of freelance profit to charity

We live on a beautiful planet. And yet we often treat it badly.

Before I started freelancing at Five Pixels I knew that I wanted to support good causes. I did wonder for a while about working in the charity niche, designing and developing sites for charities. However, seeing as I would still have to charge for this work, it didn’t seem altruistic enough.

I finished up my accounts for the year end April 2017 last month and wondered – why don’t I donate 10% of my profits?

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Define your target customer and your unique selling point – plus examples!

target customer and USP

Your target customer

I work with lots of small businesses, and something that I have really grown to see the use of is a definition of who your target audience is – or more specifically your target customer. By that I mean the type of person that you most hope to sell your product or service to. When I started Five Pixels I didn’t formally write anything down, but I had a very clear intention of working with local businesses, and not positioning myself online as a generic web designer/developer. Also, I have always been most interested in working with small businesses – sole traders and those with only a few employees.

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