Behind The Scenes – First Month Freelancing

first month freelancing

It’s been a whole month since I launched Five Pixels – and what a month it’s been! I have booked my first five clients and I am already busy producing amazing designs and websites for them. It is no small task setting up and launching a business, so in this post I’ll talk about what I did before I launched, and then all the things that I did in the first month.

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How Much Is A Website?

how much does a website cost

How much?

Are you looking to get a website built or redesigned, but finding it really hard to know where to even begin with your budget?

Web design and development has a long way to go before it’s anything approaching transparent on the pricing front. There is even an air of secrecy around what some freelancers and agencies charge. Personally I think that being clear about pricing saves time wasting and sets correct expectations right at the beginning. I followed with interest recently a request on a Facebook business group for an approximate price for a simple three-page site. The questioner had dozens of responses with links to companies, but only two of them gave her the direct figure she explicitly asked for. She was quoted £300 and £1500.

Wow. So why the discrepancy? And what should a simple website like this cost?

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Almost ready…

I’m actually writing this on my development server, but I’m really excited about my site almost being ready so I thought I’d write my first blog post before I’m even online. Ha!

It’s October and the leaves are starting to fall, and the shops are already showing signs of sneaky (and not so sneaky) Christmas items appearing on the shelves. I am planning on launching this site before the end of the year, hopefully soon after my daughter (who turns 1 next month!) starts at nursery. And I have BIG plans for all the things I want to do.

At the moment I’m looking for one or two organisations that are happy for me to use them as a guinea pig while I build my portfolio. Do you know anyone who needs a website? Send them my way!