How To Set Up Your Own Website

Are you a small business who wants to know how to set up your own website?

Does the thought of even talking to a digital agency make your bank account wobble with fear? Do cheap website providers make you want to run a mile? Maybe you tried Wix and hated it?

Have you just given up on the whole thing?

There is a solution for small business with small budgets.

I’m going to show you how to create this website:

create your own website - corporate theme

And this website:

create your own website - artistic theme

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Giving Back 2016-17

Giving back - donating 10% of freelance profit to charity

We live on a beautiful planet. And yet we often treat it badly.

Before I started freelancing at Five Pixels I knew that I wanted to support good causes. I did wonder for a while about working in the charity niche, designing and developing sites for charities. However, seeing as I would still have to charge for this work, it didn’t seem altruistic enough.

I finished up my accounts for the year end April 2017 last month and wondered – why don’t I donate 10% of my profits?

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Behind The Scenes – First Quarter Freelancing

first quarter freelancing

Read about my first month here.

I can barely believe three months have passed. It simultaneously feels like I have been running my business forever, and for hardly any time at all!

Here’s a quick summary of how the last three months have been.

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