Monthly Website Maintenance

Keep your website content fresh and secure with a monthly website maintenance plan.

A web care package for your site allows you to make changes whenever you need to, with minimum disruption. If you are busy, or you find managing your website content difficult, then a monthly maintenance plan is ideal.

Pay as you go, each month. No minimum contract.

30 Minutes Support and Maintenance

Monthly website maintenance £15p/m

1 Hour of Support and Maintenance

Monthly website maintenance £30p/m

What can be done in half an hour?

As a very rough guide, it takes a few minutes to add a photo or make textual changes, a few minutes to ensure your site is updated and secure. Adding a page or making a menu change might take 10-15 minutes. Adding a new blog post would take 5-10 minutes.

For many small businesses, one half hour of website maintenance each month is more than enough to keep on top of any changes that you want to make.

What can you use a maintenance package for?

Updating WordPress and plugins
Adding, changing or deleting text
Adding, changing, repositioning, resizing, cropping or deleting pictures
Adding, changing or deleting links
Adding, changing or deleting documents/files available for download
Changing or updating menus
Layout and colour adjustments
Creating, editing or removing complete pages or blog posts
Modifying existing layouts
Changing the content of headers or footers
SEO tasks, optimisation of pages and posts
Many other small changes and updates that you might require