Got a niggling problem with your website?

£15.00 per 30 minutes (or prepay for 5 hours at £135)

Website Updates

website updatesSimple pricing:

  • 30 minutes costs £15
  • We charge in blocks of 30 minutes
  • Minimum charge of 30 minutes

The perfect service for fixing errors, correcting visual alignment issues, making updates or just a general tidy up. We specialise in WordPress sites and can help you fix any issue that you may have, whether it’s a niggling error, or a full layout tidy up. Keep your website content fresh and secure with regular updates. Pay as you go allows you to make changes whenever you need to, with minimum disruption. Please get in touch if you would like a quote for a specific issue.

How Long Do Website Updates Take?

As a very rough guide, it takes around 10 minutes to add a photo, make general text changes, or update plugins.

Adding a new page/blog post and content might take 30 minutes or more, depending on the length of the piece and the type and number of images and other pieces of information to be included.

For many small businesses, one hour of website maintenance each month is more than enough to keep on top of any changes that you want to make.

What Kind Of Website Updates Can I Get Done?

  • Conversion to https (green padlock)
  • Updating WordPress and plugins
  • Adding, changing or deleting text
  • Adding, changing, repositioning, resizing, cropping or deleting pictures
  • Optimising images
  • Speed testing and recommendations for improvement
  • Security scan and recommendations for improvement
  • Adding, changing or deleting links
  • Adding, changing or deleting documents/files available for download
  • Changing or updating menus
  • Layout and colour adjustments
  • Creating, editing or removing complete pages or blog posts
  • Modifying existing layouts
  • Changing the content of headers or footers
  • Many other small changes and updates that you might require